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“THE ART OF TURNING RISK INTO PROMISE.” A conference hosted by GLOBAL RISK INTERNATIONAL: What is the security reality on ground today?

19 February 2021

Our Security Expert at Femas Protection Security, Mr. Femi Senu – Author, Criminologist and Political Violence Analyst was invited to an event entitled “THE ART OF TURNING RISK INTO PROMISE” hosted by GLOBAL RISK INTERNATIONAL (GRI) LTD based in the United Kingdom (UK).

The concept of the Conference is aimed at allowing state frontline practitioners and relevant stakeholders to adhere to good practice, overcome challenges, acquire practical skills and to share knowledge and tools to investigate and identify specific FFRs as well as their threats to local, national and regional security.

The Conference is GRI’s attempt to not only provide an opportunity for all participants to solve local, national or international terrorist threats together, but also to provide a chance for each participant involved to showcase their skills and share their insights during the programme. Most importantly, the workshops provided participants with the ability to analyse existing and real threats of Daesh/ISIS FFRs. At the Conference, there was a focus on designing short, medium and long term practical local intervention frameworks, methodologies and tools to mitigate against current threats or potential risks posed by Daesh connected FFRs, their families and any connected homegrown terrorists.

Following the request made on 21 June 2019 by the GRI, the organisers, with its key proponents of GRI, a collective group of experts known for providing their clients with in-depth expertise in the security sector particularly in the fields of anti-terrorism and counterterrorism, with a focus on solutions for over 10 years. Mr. Femi Senu, a Nigerian and a Political Violence Analyst, and an independent researcher was consulted with a research, with a view to provide the organisers with feedback and a report on the project outcome. Having gathered data, and with comparative evidence, from diverse sources, an official report, from the findings was provided on 6 August 2019 and was submitted to Mr. David Otto at Global Risk International UK, a Director of Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime.

An Extract from the Executive Summary of the Conference Report

GRI has recently enhanced its aptitude in technology, law enforcement support and consulting services at national and international levels. The outcome of this enhancement has allowed GRI the capacity to offer its clients tailored strategic solutions appropriate to modern security challenges. As a result, this approach keeps clients out of harms-way, with comprehensive preventative measures put in place.

On 17 June 2019, GRI organised a conference entitled, “The Art of Turning Risk into Promise”. It is hoped that this conference will challenge participant perceptions to adopt tailor-made solutions that target the underlying causes of terrorism and the consequences of complex terrorism and organised crime. GRI, working in partnership with the ATAB, brought together a wide range of diverse independent organisations and participants. The conference discussed the Daesh connected impact in the Sahel, Lake Chad basin and Nigeria in particular. This helped the participants account for the nature of Daesh’s displacement within African countries and further highlighted the necessity to create a unique FFRs strategy. The conference also brought together the Nigerian contingent under the direction of their Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai, with focus on how nations can build approaches in the short, medium and long term to identify the threats, links and operations of Boko Haram, ISWAP  Al-Shabaab and ISIS/QA factions. Nigeria and other terrorism-affected African states were perceived as playing a pivotal role in the Conference.

Data Gathered

Following up from the Conference, Mr. Femi Senu gathered empirical data. The data was collected from GRI, the speakers and practitioners, independent NGOs and participants at the conference. The data utilises participant research methodology (Sauro, 2015; Kawulich, 2005). This report is a comprehensive detailed analysis prepared by an independent researcher and does not represent the researcher’s views. It is the road map that is developed by GRI in collaboration with ATAB for specific stakeholders as solicited for delivery and implementation. 

The target audience for the Conference and workshop includes all affected and vulnerable stakeholders such as:

  • The UK, Europe, US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia
  • Approved and vetted states and local authorities’ frontline practitioners
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of International Security
  • Justice Department
  • Religious Establishments or Foreign Affairs Department
  • Counterterrorism colleagues
  • Intelligence units or agencies with full or supporting functions
  • Policy makers
  • Senior police or prison and probation officers
  • Judges and lawyers
  • Religious faith leaders or non-profit organisations

Why the Conference?

GRI organised this Conference and workshop in response to the international concerns raised by states and diverse stakeholders concerning the risks posed by the Daesh/ISIS foreign fighters and their families to national and global peace and security. GRI questioned the level to which existing policy markers comprehend current and future security consequences of Daesh/ISIS FFRs. This is especially important as FFRs and their families are mostly held in prisons and internally displaced camps in Syria and Iraq, with the aftermath often ignored or underestimated. This consequently invites high-risk security and novel security assessments.

“The Art of Turning Risk into Promise” Conference and workshops utilised a strategic title, namely “Tactical and operational methods on addressing Daesh/ISIS FFRs/Families-practitioners closed door session on turning risk into promises.” The Conference and workshop programme represented the first step to copious tailored solution conferences in the future that will be held across diverse venues locally, nationally and internationally with a focus on helping participants, practitioners and states understand the challenges faced.

The focus of these understandings is divided into two main ideas:

  1. Commence the process of assessing the danger (designed for this conference)
  2. Design and develop suitable solution frameworks to challenge the concerns posed by Daesh FFRs and families and their links to homegrown terrorist groups/individuals (designed for future conferences and workshops)

Photos From the Conference “THE ART OF TURNING RISK INTO PROMISE” 17 June 2019

Security and the Reality on Ground today: Nigeria since the Conference was held

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Note to all our readers: Please remember to email us your feedback on security related issues in Nigeria and what this means for you, your home or business security at:  Or