Our “mission” is to:

“Promote a revitalised security culture and environment in order to protect and preserve the security and safety of all, that is, governmental, non-governmental, citizens’ and business’ property, premises and employees against criminal activity by providing quality assured service, delivered by experienced and competent security practitioners.”

Business Objectives

Femas Protection Security Limited (FPSL) is committed to developing their business to maintain their reputation as a supplier of quality assured services. We recognise that to achieve this, the Managing Director supported by the management team must drive the business forward in a focused, positive and transparent manner that will encourage employees and stakeholders in the business to adopt similar motivations 

The business objectives of Femas Protection Security are to:

  • create a security business with unparallel expertise and competence
  • create a security solutions specific to clients needs
  • deliver a standard of service that is second to none
  • create high-value long-term employment opportunities


FPS Security has established itself within the security industry with an excellent reputation achieved through the application of professionalism, dedication to quality service and the achievement of client satisfaction. It is our policy to operate to acceptable requirements of:
  • “Video Surveillance System (BS EN 62676-1-1);
  • Requirements for the selection, planning, installation, commissioning, maintaining and testing of CCTV systems (BS EN 62676-4);
  • Requirement of design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, operation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV (BS8418).
  • Requirement of “BS 7499 2013 Static site guarding and mobile patrol service – Code of practice. Requirement of BS 7858 2012: Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment – Code of practice”
  • All standards are in attainment of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System  
Working from the foundational principle of “Doing what we say we will do”, our methods and systems are continually improved and refined by the implementation of effective quality management, analysis and evaluation, internal audits, involvement and empowerment of employees and customer focus.