The Nigeria mass media since independence, has faced the greatest challenge of how to make itself relevant to the Nigerian Society, especially in the ever precarious, prevalent issues of insecurities currently ravaging the country. How do I mean?

The political class, in its Avarice, or greed, has employed the mass media as instruments, for selfish and sectional loyalties, that, they (Media) failed abruptly to tell the citizens, the true situations and happenings around the country and it’s states. As a results, media reports have greatly heightened tension and created suspicion among the citizens.

The mass media comprises the means by which a society disseminates and receives information. The well attuned traditional instruments of the mass media to the modern Man are the Newspaper, Radio, and the Television. The Journalist is a human being, he studies other human creatures.

In quintessence, reports about human beings are the major source of his information.

Consequently, the information disseminated by the journalist, media, could be harmful or useful, depending on its contents. This is where the issue of security comes in. The media transmit messages about a particular society, No one else can play this role. The information is passed across a destination, to achieve a goal, which is to inform and educates.

It then means, the media must not misinformed, mislead, or led astray the citizens when it comes to dispensing information to its citizens. They must get it right. Whatever information that will be let out to the public, must be Credible, Authentic, and Beneficial to the people.

National security borders on incidence that endangers human existence or welfare. Nigeria’s national security means the protection of the lives, rights, dignity and property of its citizens. It also means the protection of its resources, cultural integrity, territory, sovereignty and lawful institutions of the country.

The major aim of national security is to secure the just and equitable living conditions for all the citizens of the country. But it is sad to say that, the leadership of the country has failed in this respect.

Security includes the means at the disposal of the government for protecting the state and its citizens from external aggression and internal insurrection. The state exists for the interest of defense, public safety, public morality, etc. The freedom of expression and the press is an aspect of national security, and it is necessary for a true democracy.

Again, the lamentable fact is that, the reverse is the case, looking at currents events of insecurities ravaging the shore of the country. There has been cases of kidnapping, miscreant hiding under the disguise of kingpins, killings, ritualism, cyber crime, day light robbery, cultism, community street crimes, just to mention but a few!

The media needs to be very alert! The major function of the press in any given society includes surveillance of the environment, correlation of the component of the society in responding to the environment and transmission of the social heritage.

The media must be more than ready to blow the whistle, to call attention to serious national issues at every opportunity, because of the incessant incidence of armed robbery and other violent crimes that are on the increase in Nigeria. The daily Newspapers should be awash with reports of armed robbery and other forms of crime including corruption by public office holders.

Therefore; the recommendation is that the government should work hand in hand with the media and the top credible, ever reliable security firm in the country to protect the lives and properties of its citizens, and that is why FEMAS PROTECTION SECURITY LIMITED is willing to curtail the issue of insecurity across the Country and its states.

Femas protection Security Limited will undoubtedly be willing to feed the public with information capable of promoting peace and development. What is more? This privates security firm is more than capable of providing job opportunities to citizens as a means of giving back to the societies.

 One of the amazing services and features of this amazing private security firm is to provide Adequate securities measures. They are also willing to help local Authorities work, hand in hand, in-order to have a serene peaceful environment.

For instance, are there places, states, local governments, where crimes is on the rampant, Femas protection Security Limited will urge the people in such vicinity to reports such crimes immediately, without having the morbid fear of threats from anyone, and they can be rest assured that anyone found guilty will be brought to justice and face the law.

Are there places, where people think, there is a need for adequate securities? Probably they observe some gangs who are constituting nuisance in the society, who waylaid innocent people during the night to unleash their evil acts. There are several cases of such occurrence, where innocent people are waylaid on the road during night which eventually leads to rape.

Such was the case of a recent happening about a 15 year old girl who was sent on an errand at Akute road at night, only to be waylaid on the road by a certain Man called Daniel Njoku, who forcefully took the girl to his gang at their hideout, where the young girl was gang-raped, beaten, and forcefully initiated into a fraction group of cultism. Thanks to the quick Arrest of the notorious gang by the Ajuwon Divisional Police Headquarters, in ogun state.

Consequently, it is pivotal to avoid such reoccurrence when the people around the area is prone to make quick reports, if they noticed any eye suspecting movements from anyone in that localities. When that is done, Adequate Securities measures will be put in place in order to avoid any damaging consequences. FEMAS PROTECTION SECURITY LIMITED is more than capable to come to the aid of people who found themselves in such unfortunates situation.

FEMAS PROTECTION SECURITY LIMTED can out-rightly switch on to what is known as the enabling factors which is to MAN GUARD the area with securities personnel if need be. They are reliable, well connected, fast, trustworthy, as well as dependable as far as protecting the lives and properties of the citizen is concerned. The interest of the people is always the foremost solicitude, of this great private security firm.

Therefore, governments, local authorities, the Nigeria police force, media from good reliable source should co-operate fully with such private security firm who is ready to give its all to the people as far as good security in an insecure country is concerned. The benefits is too good to miss!